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Honey comb recipe

Thai Spicy Honeycomb Cookies Recipe

My 2nd attempt making Loyang Kuih Rose Honeycomb Cookie Recipe and i love this texture because it’s crispy and thin and not too sweet after several tweakings. Since i love the…

Dried Shrimp Cookies Recipe 05

Spicy Dried Shrimp Cookies Recipe

Savoury cookies for a change this CNY. Ingredients (Makes 4 tall plastic bottles of Spicy Dried Shrimp Cookies) 300 gm Spicy Dried Shrimp (Hae Bee Hiam) 4 eggs 660 gm…

Peanut Cookies coated with chocolate

Peanut Cookies coated with Hersley chocolate

I’m using my peanut cookies recipe and coat it with Hersley Chocolate (melt Hersley chocolate and mix with coconut oil). After coated with Hersley chocolate, immediately store into freezer. Enjoy…

Green Peas Cookies

Green Peas with Grated Coconut Cookies Recipe

For this cookies i’m making 4 batches (125 x 4) therefore i’ve bought 2 grated coconuts which, each grated coconut weighs 250 gm. At first i plan to bake green…

sesame peanut cookies recipe

Sesame seed peanut cookies recipe

Follow peanut cookies recipe Brush with 1 egg yolk together with 1 tsp of water and dip into black and white sesame seeds


Biryani Rice Recipe

Recipe for Biryani Rice or Beriani Rice Ingredients 700gm basmathi rice (soaked for 30 mins and drain the water) 1 -2 tbs ghee oil 1 medium packet of full cream…


Butter Cookies Recipe

Ingredients 250 gm SCS Butter 112 gm icing sugar 336 gm flour 1 egg white Method Cream butter with icing sugar. Add in egg white a little at a time…


Chinese New Year Dragon Cookies Recipe

(A) 150 gm butter 150 gm icing sugar 2 egg yolks 1 egg white (B) 300 gm corn flour (sieved) 30 gm milk powder 60 gm plain flour (sieved) 1/2…


Chinese Peanut Cookies Recipe

Before you begin this peanut cookies, stir fry peanuts in a wok without oil on low fire till skin is remove. Do not overburnt your peanuts, use your hand to…


Chinese Pineapple Tart Recipe

Ingredients: 250 gm butter (I use Sunglow butter and margarine combination) – margarine oil will make pastry crumbles and this creates crumble texture while butter provides better milky taste) 30…