rojak recipe 01

Fruit Rojak Sauce Recipe

Ingredients 3 tbsp of Har ko (otak udang / shrimp paste/ prawn paste) 2 tbsp of sambal 2 1/2 tbsp of asam jawa juice 3 tbsp of roasted and crushed…


Fruit Rojak Crackers Recipe

Here’s fruit rojak crackers recipe aka crispy rice crackers Ingredients 2 cups of Rice flour (Tepung Beras) 1/4 Mung Beans flour (Tepung Kacang Hijau) 3 tbsp Chickpea flour (Tepung Kacang…

sweet_sambal_tumis_ recipe

Sambal Tumis Recipe (Sweet sambal recipe)

This is a sweet sambal recipe. Here’s the ingredients: Ingredients To blend all ingredients (A) (A) 100gm dried chillies (cili kering – boil in hot water to soften and cut…


Braised Yee Mee Recipe

Ingredients 3 pieces yee mee Chicken meat 1 tbsp Sesame oil 1 tbsp Light soya sauce 1 tbsp of Dark Soy sauce Pepper Red Chilies 5 – 6 nos of…

sesame peanut cookies recipe

Sesame seed peanut cookies recipe

Follow peanut cookies recipe Brush with 1 egg yolk together with 1 tsp of water and dip into black and white sesame seeds

Gas mark oven

  Gas Mark Celcius Fahrenheit 1 140 275 2 150 300 3 160 325 4 180 350 5 190 375


Update version: Egg Noodle Recipe

This update version of egg noodle recipe is much better than my previous one¬† Ingredients 500gm all purpose flour 1 egg yolk 1 3/4 cup of cold water 1 1/4…


My Batu Tumbuk or Mortar and Pestle

For centuries, spices have been used by our great grandparents till this ages where people are plain lazy to make their own spices and they head to the nearest convenience…


Alkaline Dumpling Recipe

by Amy Beh Ingredients 350g glutinous rice, rinsed and soaked overnight then drain well 3 tbsp alkaline water (kan sui) 2 tbsp oil Dried bamboo leaves and hempstrings, soaked Method…


Apam Balik Recipe

Batter 1 cup of all purpose flour 1 egg sweet corns 1 cup of coconut milk 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp of soda bicarbonate 1/4 cup of sugar 1…